Don’t Give Up on Streaming

New trends in video consumption are challenging traditional satellite video platforms. Emergence of OTT and video streaming is starting to have an impact on subscriber counts and, consequently, on the value satellite operators can generate and capture from their assets. However, satellite continues to be the best solution for reaching large audiences, especially when terrestrial.

Non-GEO Constellations: Surviving the Disruption

Iridium and Globalstar arguably disrupted the telecommunication industry with the launch of their respective LEO satellite constellations. As the legacy players of this arena, they experienced first-hand the challenges that come with, and historically, predominantly outweigh the benefits expected from the implementation of large satellite communications constellations. In the last decade, lessons learned from these.

NSR: Satellite Manufacturing & Launch Markets Finding a New Normal in $250B Opportunity

Evolving Architectures across Multiple Applications to Change Annual Demand Characteristics   Cambridge, MA – May 16, 2018 – NSR’s Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Services, 8th Edition report, released today, finds that despite a slow 2017, across the board, the global satellite manufacturing and launch market is poised to generate in excess of $250B in the.

The “Other” Energy Satcom Markets

With attention in the Energy Industry typically focused on the Oil & Gas sector, it is sometimes easy to forget how satcom connectivity is shaping up in other sectors, such as Electrical Utilities.  Utilizing 6 out of every 10 in-service units within the Energy satcom sector, the Electrical Utility segment continues to show signs of.

Satellite and the Arrival of Telecom Pricing ?

The advent of bulk HTS satellite capacity has changed the satcom game. Irreversibly. What started as an alternative to FSS, an innovation with frequency re-use spot beams, has become mainstream and dictated price changes for at least the past 2 years. 60% wholesale price drop across HTS verticals, most prominently for backhaul and consumer broadband,.