Commercial Spaceports Still Waiting for Liftoff

“It’s a little bit of a chicken-or-egg scenario,” said Carolyn Belle, a senior analyst for Northern Sky Research, a market research firm that focuses on the space industry. Many companies are looking for a launch site but haven’t yet developed a final product to launch, she said.

How the Private Sector in the US is Pushing the Boundaries of Space Travel

“They are almost disposable,” said Claude Rousseau of Northern Sky Research, explaining that their operational life expectancy is about seven years and they can be easily replaced. In the coming months, SpaceX and the startup OneWeb want to send into orbit constellations of hundreds of small satellites that will provide internet access.

The New World Space Powers: China & India

China and India have engaged in space activities since the mid-1900s, developing domestic satellite manufacturing and launch capabilities across a range of applications. Both have focused on national demand, with limited international commercial pursuits. Yet this dynamic is quickly changing. The two nations have heightened their scope of activities, leveraging space as a strategic tool.

IFC Going the Wrong Way?

Wrong: in an unsuccessful or unfortunate way or out of working order or condition These two definitions offered by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary could aptly describe what many believe is the quality and state of inflight connectivity in general today.  But is this the right way to think of a business on a slow but definite upward.