Determining Success for Smallsat Launchers

With so many small launch startups racing towards success on a global scale, the stakes have never been higher to cut through the noise and evaluate all initiatives for probability of success before committing to a launch partner. Well-informed decisions will be critical to all industry players involved (investors, smallsat operators, brokers, and partners) as they will have far-reaching consequences. So, what factors need to be considered and analyzed to help tip the scales when making these decisions?

ViaSatellite: 5G May Be the Future, but 4G is Now

“Satellite direct to 4G is still at the experimental stage”. Lower prices mean satellite can compete more successfully with terrestrial alternatives, which in turn drives up demand. “In the past, [mobile operators] looked at satellite as the connectivity of last resort, but with falling prices and technical improvements, it’s become much more competitive,”. Satnews: NSR’s.

Mining Satcom: Jump-Starting a Stalled Market

Mining should be an ideal energy segment for the satellite industry to generate progressing revenues, given the remote nature of operations, the mission-criticality of requirements and the growing digitization activities in the sector as a whole.