Goldilocks and SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare

The start of a new decade is a perfect time to take stock of the dynamic state of the launch industry. The previous decade saw much in the way of exciting changes and technological developments, accelerated by an environment of high competition.

New Era for MILSATCOM – Or …?

As we enter a new decade, is Government & Military Satellite Communications about to enter a new age of capabilities? With WGS-11 slated to be delivered in the mid 2020’s, alongside new allied capabilities online for similar deployments, is the industry entering a new ‘milsatcom capacity revolution’?

The Future of Satellite-Based Earth Observation

As we start a new decade, now is the perfect time to consider the future of the satellite industry, starting with the Earth Observation (EO) business. Traditionally, the EO business mostly consisted of a few satellite operators catering optical imagery to government and military customers.