Smallcells and Satellites: It’s a Match!

With recent declines in satellite capacity pricing, Satellite Backhaul became a real alternative for MNO rural deployments. However, CAPEX involved in the cell tower, primarily designed for urban areas with a dense distribution of subscribers, limited the market opportunity to relatively large population agglomerations.

NSR Launches New Data Portal for Data Visualization & Customized Data Requests

NSR’s New Data Portal Provides a New Tool for Customized Data Building and a New Product Tier to NSR Subscribers Cambridge, MA – March 10, 2020 – Northern Sky Research (NSR) announced today its new research data offering, the NSR Data Portal.  Built from over 20 years of industry leading data analysis, the NSR Data Portal is a customizable data.

In-Orbit Servicing: Technology and Market Readiness Undocked

The space industry is full of acronyms, but TRL or “Technology Readiness Level” is one that we hear often for many new and emerging markets. As a measure of the availability and status of the technology required for an operation, it gives an indication of how close to ‘lift-off’ is the said technology.