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NSR Launches New Data Portal for Data Visualization & Customized Data Requests

NSR’s New Data Portal Provides a New Tool for Customized Data Building and a New Product Tier to NSR Subscribers

Cambridge, MA – March 10, 2020 – Northern Sky Research (NSR) announced today its new research data offering, the NSR Data Portal.  Built from over 20 years of industry leading data analysis, the NSR Data Portal is a customizable data visualization tool. It provides clients the flexibility to focus on specific areas of interest, compare cross sections of NSR’s expansive satellite & space data library, drill-deep into regional or yearly trends, and iterate quickly through NSR’s industry-leading knowledge base to uncover emerging trends vital for success. For users that have highly specific requirements, tailored subsets of data can also be requested via the NSR Data Portal – allowing insights to mission-critical business planning needs.

“Data stands at the heart of NSR. Now, we are bringing all of that together in one place – across all the markets, applications and regions NSR covers.  As our global, diverse client base continues to face specific questions around their business plans and markets, the NSR Data Portal enables user-configurable queries and data visualizations – complementing NSR’s industry-leading research library of annual reports,” states NSR President and Founder Christopher Baugh.  “This next step in NSR’s industry leading analysis is the natural evolution in a dynamic industry dominated by data.”

“Today, the pace of business demands faster, customizable, and iterative analysis to stay ahead of the curve,” states Brad Grady, consultant. “The NSR Data Portal enables just that – exploration of NSR’s vast research library to uncover new trends beyond what is possible in the traditional confines of our reports. Need to compare connectivity revenues from Maritime Passenger Vessels against Narrow-body passenger planes? Check. Only within Europe? Check. Maybe explore Spacecraft orders, but only in North America and only over the next 3 years? Only in GEO, and only for Non-communication missions? Check too. Request additional data, design and save queries, and download the charts or data for additional processing offline.” With data and features added as NSR publishes more research throughout the year, the NSR Data Portal is another key tool in the data-hungry era.

For the last 20 years, NSR has become a trusted component of future-looking perspectives on the satellite & space markets. NSR’s annual research and custom consulting continues to provide in-depth analysis of the industry, bottom-line perspectives, and impartial perspectives to the industry. Today, the NSR Data Portal brings iterative, interactive, tailorable access to NSR’s time-tested research library.