Albawaba: SpaceX Launch Into Space Boosts Observation Satellites to 600

In “SpaceX Launch Into Space Boosts Observation Satellites to 600”- BlackSky offers images and monitoring from space for industries that include defense, energy, construction and research. “When it comes to Earth observation from satellites, there is more demand today than ever for higher resolution imaging,” Sachdeva said. The launch will boost BlackSky’s network in space.

The Next Step in FPA Evolution

As FPA manufacturers find themselves stuck between the ultra-competitive aero market and the opportunistic, but challenging to meet, consumer broadband market, the Enterprise broadband market is fast becoming the next step in the evolution of FPA technology.

NSR Report: $478 Billion in Cumulative Satellite Orders and Launches Projected in Next Decade

Commercial Interest Pushes Satellite Orders to New Heights in Government-Driven Market Cambridge, MA – NSR’s Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets, 10th Edition (GSMLM10) report, released today, projects a $478 B opportunity for the satellite manufacturing and launch market over the next decade. This new study integrates satellites below 500 kg, covering the whole spectrum of.