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NSR Report: $478 Billion in Cumulative Satellite Orders and Launches Projected in Next Decade

Commercial Interest Pushes Satellite Orders to New Heights in Government-Driven Market

Cambridge, MA – NSR’s Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets, 10th Edition (GSMLM10) report, released today, projects a $478 B opportunity for the satellite manufacturing and launch market over the next decade. This new study integrates satellites below 500 kg, covering the whole spectrum of satellite mass classes and applications. In addition, GSMLM10 includes cargo and crewed missions to ISS and beyond, making up a significant portion of the market size in the coming decade.

Overall, near term business case viability remains a challenge for all industry stakeholders due to the environment of heightened competitive dynamics. Competition push and market pull will result in simultaneous growth in demand along with decline in value. Amidst the rise of constellations pushing the number of satellite orders above 12,000, and bringing down the price per satellite, new non-traditional business models and customizable solutions enter the market impacting the traditional equation.

“Manufacturing price and demand economics are changing with diverse customer and application priorities, rendering conventional market indicators like $/kg and number of satellite orders unreliable,” says report co-author Shagun Sachdeva. “For example, in satellite communications, $/bits sold is more relevant to operators to evaluate the best opportunity to meet their strategic requirements,” she adds.

Launch services markets are going through similar dynamics, where diversification is a response to the changing and evolving customer needs. “Launch service providers and 3rd party service providers are responding to these demands with unique, more comprehensive and customized services,” notes report co-author Leena Pivovarova. “The new pricing strategies of recent and established players are making the direct ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison between launch options difficult and increasingly inaccurate on the basis of pure launch $/kg standard.”

Despite evolving industry standards, the overall demand pie continues to expand as a result of innovation and technology development. However, there is not enough resources, financial and otherwise, to support all current and aspiring players. “Instead of a ‘race to the bottom’, the market is already seeing consolidation and exits, which NSR expects to be a growing trend in the next decade”, co-author Stella Strataki said.

The government and military segment will remain the dominant revenue generator, as it shifts its focus to constellations and missions beyond LEO, with more than $387 B in cumulative revenues. At the same time, commercialization of space continues at a fast pace with the development of new markets such as In-Orbit Servicing, Commercial Crewed Missions, and HTS Constellations. While new demand is expected to grow, especially in Science, Situational Awareness, and Earth Observations applications,  the overall industry will also experience market expansion, due to the diversification of the overall supply.

About the Report

NSR’s Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets, 10th Edition (GSMLM10) report provides the widest and most in-depth analysis of global demand for satellites of all mass ranges to be manufactured and launched in the coming decade. This report is the leading source to examine near- and long-term potential across all types of users, applications, mass ranges and regions. By leveraging NSR’s 10+ years of experience in tracking satellite markets and its proprietary database of satellites, their applications and their launch providers, this report examines all key markets and identifies evolving global trends and changing requirements and offers a comprehensive view of satellite & launch demand in the next ten years.

For additional information on this report, including a full table of contents, list of exhibits and executive summary, please visit www.nsr.com or call NSR at +1-617-674-7743.

Companies and Organizations Mentioned in NSR’s GSMLM10:

AAC Clyde Space, Aerial & Maritime Ltd, Airbus Defence & Space, Aistech Space, Altius Space Machines, Amazon, AMERGINT Technologies, Analytical Space, Andøya Space Center, Applied Defense Solutions, Ariane Group, Arianespace, Astranis Space Technologies Corp., Astro Digital, Astrocast, Astrome, Astroscale, Audacy, AxelSpace, Black Sky Inc., BlinkAstro, Blue Canyon Technologies, Blue Origin, Bluefield Technologies, Boeing, Bradford Space, Canon, Capella Space, Cerberus Capital Management, Cloud Constellation, Cobham AES Division, Comtech, CPI Satcom, D-Orbit, Dauria Aerospace, Deep Space Industries, Digital Globe, Dynetics Inc., ECAPS, Earth-i, EarthCube, EarthNOW, Effective Space, EOSDS US, Eutelsat, ExactEarth, Firefly Aerospace Inc., Fleet Technologies, GD Satcom, General Atomics, GeoOptics, GEOShare, GHGSat, Gilat, Glavkosmos, Globalstar, GOMSpace, Hanwha Systems, HawkEye360, HEAD Aerospace Group, HeliosWire, Hera Systems, Hiber, Hughes, ICEYE, Intelsat, International Launch Services, Iridium, ISISpace, Israel Aerospace Industries, KACST, Kepler Communications, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, L3Harris Technologies, Lacuna Space, LaserLight Solutions, Leidos Holdings, LeoSat, LeoStella, Lockheed Martin, Loft Orbital, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Maxar, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Mitsui & Co., Momentus Space, Myriota, Nano Avionics, Northrop Grumman, NorthStar Earth & Space Inc., Novawurks, NPO Lavochkin, NSLComm, OneWeb, OrbCOMM, Phasor Solutions, Planet, PlanetIQ, PredaSAR, Radiation Test Solutions, Relativity Space, Rocket Lab, SaT4M2M, Satellogic, Satlantis, Saturn Satellite Networks, SEN Corporation, SES, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Sinclair Interplanetary, Sky and Space Global, Social Capital Hedosophia, Space Systems Loral, Spaceflight, SpaceX, Spire Global, Stratolaunch, Surrey Satellite Technology LTD, Swarm Technologies, Synspective, Telesat, Tethers Unlimited, Thales Alenia Space, Thuraya, Totum, Transcelestial Technologies, Trident Space, Tyvak, United Launch Alliance , UnseenLabs, Urthecast, ViaSat, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit, Voyager Space Holdings, XpressSAR, and Yamasa Co.

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