SATCOM Data Traffic in GEO

Space data traffic is dominated by satellite communications (SATCOM), making up 530 EB out of the 566 EB of global space traffic over the period from 2021-2031. The SATCOM market is experiencing a transition from video to data, driven by changing end-user demand and technical innovations, with overall growth amounting to 26% by 2031.  Within.

The Endpoint Drives the Architecture in Mobility SATCOM

Connectivity is not a luxury anymore for mobility markets. Be it terrestrial or satellite – anything that moves frequently needs to be connected. Increase the number of people, the cost of the asset or the criticality of its mission – and the need for connectivity scales exponentially. Put those assets – a car, train, ship.

Satellite-to-Smartphone: LEO Constellation Facets

Unlike technically proven (FSS-band) LEO-HTS satcom constellations requiring communication terminals, these new initiatives aim to deliver on the promise of direct satellite-to-regular-handset communications through cellular and MSS spectrum in areas unreachable by existing cell towers. Yet, architectural facets drive a wide set of capabilities ranging from asynchronous emergency texting to continuous voice and broadband data connectivity.