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Flat Panel Antenna

Flat Panel Satellite Antenna, 8th Edition

PUBLISHED: August 2023

Available Licenses: Corporate: $8,995

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NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antenna, 8th Edition report explores the ever-evolving landscape of satellite communication technology, honing in on the exceptional growth trend witnessed in the adoption of flat panel antennas. Renowned for their streamlined design, user-friendly installation, and remarkable adaptability across a spectrum of applications, flat panel satellite antennas have emerged as a focal point within the industry, revolutionizing the connectivity landscape.

Unveiling Market Insights:

Drawing from a myriad of authoritative sources, including Analysys Mason’s internal research, NSR reports, market trend analysis, and insightful interviews with key stakeholders, this report provides an in-depth exploration of the developments shaping the flat panel antenna market. It is our privilege to answer the crucial questions that guide your understanding of this thriving industry:

  1. Key Drivers and Restraints of Market Growth: Gain insight into the driving forces behind the surge in flat panel antenna adoption, as well as the challenges that must be navigated for sustained growth.
  2. Balancing Cost and Performance: Discover how manufacturers skillfully navigate the delicate balance between cost considerations and delivering optimal performance to users.
  3. Opportunities for New Entrants: Uncover the strategies that new players can employ to carve their niche in this competitive arena.
  4. Supply Chain Challenges: Assess the extent to which supply chain challenges continue to impact the flat panel antenna market, and explore strategies for overcoming these hurdles.
Who Can Benefit:

This report serves as an invaluable resource for a diverse audience seeking to unlock the potential of flat panel satellite antennas:

  • Satellite Operators: Acquire segment-level insights that can guide strategic decisions and harness the full potential of this technology.
  • Service Providers: Understand customer demands better to tailor your offerings and meet evolving connectivity needs.
  • Investors: Delve into a comprehensive analysis of market size, competitive landscape, challenges, and opportunities to make informed investment choices.
  • Vendors and Equipment Manufacturers: Access a wealth of information on various technologies, empowering you to innovate and thrive in this dynamic market.
NSR’s Distinctive Edge:

What sets Flat Panel Satellite Antenna, 8th Edition apart is NSR’s unparalleled expertise and commitment to providing the most accurate, forward-looking market intelligence. With nearly a decade of experience in researching the flat panel antenna market, NSR’s research leverages a wealth of knowledge encompassing the entire satellite communications spectrum. From consumer broadband possibilities to cutting-edge military platforms, our insights transcend boundaries and provide a holistic view of the satellite communication landscape.

Moreover, this edition introduces a new dimension to our analysis. We present key performance metrics spanning RF capabilities, power efficiency, and other critical factors across a range of antenna products. This addition enables you to make more precise and informed decisions while navigating the exciting terrain of flat panel satellite antennas.

Unlock the Future of Connectivity:

In a world that demands seamless and ubiquitous connectivity, flat panel satellite antennas have emerged as a pivotal technology. Whether you are an industry veteran, an investor seeking growth prospects, or a provider aiming to cater to evolving demands, NSR’s 8th Edition Flat Panel Satellite Antenna report is your compass in this transformative journey.

Embrace the future of connectivity. Explore the possibilities with NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antenna, 8th Edition research report.

Covered in this Report:
  • NEW in this Edition – New visualization of key performance metrics across a range of FPA products.
  • 4 Key markets covering Mobility, Government & Military, Consumer Broadband, and Enterprise markets
    • 10 sub-markets focused on segment such as Passenger airframes, Gov & Mil Maritime platforms, Land-Mobile connected vehicles, and Consumer broadband
  • Forecasts for 5 Regions – North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia
Report Segmentation:
  • Market Segmentation:
    • Consumer Broadband
    • Enterprise
      • Small Merchant Enterprise & Enterprise
      • Wireless Backhaul
    • Mobility
      • Land-Mobile
      • Aeronautical Business Jets
      • Aeronautical Passenger Airframes
      • Maritime
    • Government & Military
      • Land-Mobile Comms on the Pause (COTP)
      • Land-Mobile Comms on the Move (COTM)
      • Aeronautical
      • Maritime
  • Variables:
    • Shipped FPAs
    • Annual Equipment Revenues
    • Cumulative Equipment Revenues
  • Capacity:
    • GEO
      • FSS C-band
      • FSS Ku-band
      • FSS X-band
      • GEO-HTS Ku-band
      • GEO-HTS Ka-band
    • NGSO
      • Non-GEO HTS
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Table of Contents

  • About this Report
  • Executive summary
  • Worldwide trends
    • Flat Panel Antenna (FPA) shipments
    • FPA equipment revenues
    • FPA shipments and revenues by market
    • FPA terminal price points by market
    • Global FPA revenues
  • Technology trends
    • Key performance attribute groups for FPA
    • Key performance metrics by manufacturer
    • Performance vs Price of FPA analysis
  • FPA Manufacturer Considerations
    • State of the players in the market
    • Battle of the Chips: FPGA vs. ASICs
    • Major trade-offs for chip technologies for FPA manufacturers
    • Starlink and Kuiper impacts – The Closed vs. Open Ecosystem LEO dilemma
    • Recommendations to FPA Manufacturers
  • Appendix
    • Market Forecast – Broadband Access (Consumer Broadband)
    • Market Forecast – Enterprise
    • Market Forecast – Government & Military
    • Market Forecast – Mobility
    • News, Announcements, and Deals
    • Definitions and Acronyms
  • About the authors and Analysys Mason
    • About the authors
    • Global leaders in TMT management consulting
    • Our research services

List of Exhibits

  • Executive summary
    • Figure 1: Global FPA Equipment Revenues by capacity
  • Worldwide trends
    • Figure 2: Shipped units by Regions, worldwide, 2022-2032
    • Figure 3: FPA Equipment revenue by region, 2022–2032
    • Figure 4: Shipped Flat Panel Antennas by Market, 2022–2032
    • Figure 5: Total Flat Panel Antennas equipment revenue by region, 2022–2032
    • Figure 6: Annual Flat Panel Antennas Price Declines by Market, 2022 vs Forecast Year
    • Figure 7: Total FPA shipped units and equipment revenue by region, 2032
  • Technology trends
    • Figure 8: Flat Panel Antenna optimization is a complex puzzle amongst 4 key attribute families
    • Figure 9: G/T measured against EIRP
    • Figure 10: G/T measured against Power
    • Figure 11: Price of terminals measured against G/T and EIRP
  • FPA Manufacturer Considerations
    • Figure 12: Deconstructing Attribute Families into Performance Metrics
    • Figure 13: Chip technology trade-off for Flat Panel Antennas
    • Figure 14: Why go for ASIC?
    • Figure 15: When to choose FPGA
    • Figure 16: The Closed vs. Open Ecosystem Story of LEO networks
  • Appendix
    • Figure 17: Broadband Access equipment revenue by segment
    • Figure 18: Broadband Access equipment revenue by region
    • Figure 19: Broadband Access shipments by region
    • Figure 20: Enterprise Data equipment revenue by segment
    • Figure 21: Enterprise Data equipment revenue by region
    • Figure 22: Enterprise Data shipments by region
    • Figure 23: Gov & Mil equipment revenue by segment
    • Figure 24: Gov & Mil equipment revenue by region
    • Figure 25: Gov & Mil shipments by region
    • Figure 26: Mobility equipment revenue by segment
    • Figure 27: Mobility equipment revenue by region
    • Figure 28: Mobility shipments by region
    • Figure 29: Recent Flat Panel Antenna deals/news (1)
    • Figure 30: Recent Flat Panel Antenna deals/news (2)
    • Figure 31: Recent Flat Panel Antenna deals/news (2)
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