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Optical Satellite Communications

PUBLISHED: April 2019

Available Licenses: Standard: $4,495 Enterprise: $8,495

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NSR’s Optical Satellite Communications (OSC) report is an industry first report that analyses the dynamics of the evolving space-based laser communication ecosystem. As an alternative to increasingly crowded RF communication channels, free-space optical communication (FSOC) systems can offer much higher bandwidth, power savings, lower mass and antenna sizes. This report offers deep dive insights into key trends driving the market for laser communication terminals (LCTs), as well as a complete assessment of the target applications and forecasted revenue opportunities for shipped equipment globally.

NSR’s OSC report is segmented by two types of optical link types: Space-Space and Space-Ground and analyses the market opportunity for space-based LCTs in these segments. The report further categorizes these links across the major target applications identified: Constellations, Data Relay Systems and Earth Observation.

Apart from being the only market report on the LCT industry, this report leverages NSR’s leading research into small satellites, constellations and EO markets.

Bottom Line: How does NSR see the market for optical satellite communications evolve over the next ten years?


NSR’s Optical Satellite Communications report tracks developments in the FSO market landscape and target applications, combining information from interviews with prominent industry players with through secondary research.

Companies and Organizations Mentioned in OSC:

Tesat-Spacecom, Mynaric, SpaceX, Telesat, LeoSat, Amazon, Laser Light Communications, mBryonics, ICEYE, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, FAA, FDA, Laser Clearinghouse, SSC, BridgeSat, CloudSmartz, ATLAS Space Operations, Xenesis, Ball Aerospace, Honeywell, Leti, Cloud Constellation, ArabSat, Empower Space, Transcelestial Technologies, Astrogate Labs, Odysseus Space, KSAT, SITAEL, RBC Signals, EXA, Es’HailSat, Airbus, SKY Perfect JSAT, GA-ASI, Thales Alenia Space, RUAG Space, Maxar Technologies, Boeing, Archangel Lightworks, Paris Observatory, Airbus, ESA, NASA, Audacy, Analytical Space, Sinclair Interplanetary, GHGSat

Table of Contents

  1. State of the Market 
    1. Market Trends 
      1. Riding the Mega-Constellation Wave 
      2. Rising Small Satellite Downlink Demand 
      3. What about Fiber? 
      4. Secure Communications & QKD 
      5. RFI & Regulatory Environment 
    2. Key Industry Updates 
      1. Key Industry Updates: Deals 
      2. Key Industry Updates: Investments 
  2. Market Landscape 
    1. Equipment Manufacturers 
      1. Tesat-Spacecom 
      2. Mynaric 
      3. Ball Aerospace  
      4. Thales Alenia Space 
      5. BridgeSat 
      6. Other Early Stage Manufacturers 
    2. Data Relay Network Providers 
      1. Airbus (SpaceDataHighway) 
      2. Audacy 
      3. Analytical Space 
    3. Ground Station Service Providers 
      1. Established Players 
      2. Emerging Players 
    4. Constellation (with ISL) Operators 
  3. Market Forecasts 
    1. Global Market Forecasts 
      1. In-Service Units 
      2. Equipment Revenues 
    2. Space-Space Link Forecasts  
      1. In-Service Units 
      2. Equipment Revenues 
    3. Space-Ground Link Forecasts 
      1. In-Service Units 
      2. Equipment Revenues 
    4. The Bottom Line 



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