What Drives Satellite Flexibility: Necessity or Opportunity?

Flexible satellites have been around for some time, but the rate and scale of flexibility has increased exponentially over the last few years. Declining GEO capacity prices, rise in competition and the need for reduced time to orbit and are just a few factors that led to greater need for software-defined satellites.

NSR Report: $478 Billion in Cumulative Satellite Orders and Launches Projected in Next Decade

Commercial Interest Pushes Satellite Orders to New Heights in Government-Driven Market Cambridge, MA – NSR’s Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets, 10th Edition (GSMLM10) report, released today, projects a $478 B opportunity for the satellite manufacturing and launch market over the next decade. This new study integrates satellites below 500 kg, covering the whole spectrum of.

Smallsats: Rapid and Defining Disruptors

Gradual evolution of the industry will continue, now with smallsats as a significant part of it, with advancement in electric propulsion extending the usage of small satellites in GEO and beyond

WIRED: Massive, AI-Powered Robots Are 3D-Printing Entire Rockets

…Relativity’s expertise in aerospace 3D-Printing could have lasting value beyond its rockets. “A full-scale test will be the biggest milestone for them to prove this new technology,”….Relativity’s expertise in aerospace 3D printing could have lasting value beyond its rockets.