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  • DigitalGlobe held an Investor Day on November 20 where it described its strategy focused on key customers & partners. A week before, AstriumGEO conducted a Webinar presenting its Cloud solution; a product focused on numerous EO end-users. Their strategies, while increasingly different, look like a classic Niche vs. Mass Market opposition.

    DigitalGlobe’s customer base is very concentrated; a few customers represent a large share of the revenues. While the company aims to develop its…

  • NSR’s 5-Year History of HTS Analysis

    Nov 25th, 2013 by Christopher Baugh   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Since NSR first coined the term “high throughput satellites” in 2009, the satellite industry has raced to develop this promising market vertical. In its very first HTS supply and demand assessment published nearly 5 years ago, NSR estimated that global HTS demand would reach about 190 Gbps in 2018 out of a worldwide supply of 425 Gbps. Now in its latest market size estimate in the Global Assessment of Satellite Supply & Demand 10th Edition study, NSR projects that global HTS demand will…

  • Reality Check on MPEG-2

    Nov 13th, 2013 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    UltraHD TV and HECV encoding have been getting a lot of attention in recent months as the satellite industry tries to understand how, and how fast, we will get to this exciting new future of carrying big fat channels over satellite transponder capacity. It is indeed a subject worthy of attention, nevertheless it is NSR’s view that the industry also needs a reality check on where we stand today in terms of encoding standards for carriage of the current crop of SD and HD, as well as 3D,…