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  • More attention continues to be given to the mining industry, and for good reason.  With demand surging for smartphones, tablets, LCD screens, solar panels, and other electronics not only from markets such as the United States or Europe – but a growing middle class throughout China, India, and elsewhere.  As the demand for industrial metals continues to increase, mining companies are under on-going pressures to not only find and develop new resources, but improve the margins on current…

  • Google’s acquisition of SkyBox Imaging and the recent softening of the U.S.’s shutter-control regulations down to 25 cm are two faces of the same coin. As more commercial companies provide sub-meter imagery, competition focuses on cost thereby bringing profit margins down. To escape this low-profit scenario, EO companies need to differentiate themselves and create their own niche.

    As NSR indicated in an October 2013 article, shutter-control regulations were softened for the benefit of…

  • Much has been said in the past few days since news of Google’s interests in providing satellite Internet became public. At NSR, having seen one constellation too many go “down” before going “up”, we like to remain cautiously optimistic about such plans. Although admittedly, the signs have us leaning more towards optimism than caution this time around.

    The Intent for Internet

    “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” [Source: