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  • UAS: SatCom Platinum Club Members

    Nov 23rd, 2015 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The recent spate of human tragedies orchestrated by terrorist organizations across the globe, from Paris to Mali, Beirut and the Sinai, has made one thing clear: the world is readying up for another long war.  The key that defense planners tout to maintaining the edge over the enemy is reliable Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or UAS, are now battlefield proven for ISR, courtesy of the decade-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…

  • Redirected to subject matter Research Director - original author no longer with NSR

    Ever since NSR coined the phrase “High Throughput Satellite” more than 5 years ago, the industry continues to view HTS as the “next big thing” for satellite telecom. HTS can, if correctly leveraged, be the magic concoction that allows satellite to benefit from the “coverage everywhere” of old, combined with the economies of scale more emblematic of terrestrial communications.

    Since the beginning of…

  • Aeronautical and Maritime markets are key segments for satellite telecom, but one opportunity oftentimes overlooked is narrowband M2M/IoT. While individual unit bandwidth requirements may be small, M2M/IoT via satellite on the high seas and at cruising altitude will see retail service revenues of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars by 2024.

    For the first time, NSR analyzed and identified trends separately for Maritime and Aeronautical M2M demand. Utilizing data from NSR’s most recent…