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  • Historically, satellite telecom has been a somewhat slow-moving industry, with a comparatively insulated demand bubble propelled forward by incremental increases in metrics like channel counts and data rates for Enterprise VSATs and the like. M2M has been no exception, with this application seeing clients generally limited to MSS pushing up throughput requirements by a factor of Kbps or occasionally single-digit Mbps. However, there has been much talk about the ‘Connected Car’ changing…

  • The Great Satcom Convergence

    Dec 14th, 2015 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    Redirected to subject matter Research Director - original author no longer with NSR

    Historically, the satellite telecom universe has been made up of two fairly distinctive business models—Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) and Mobile Satellite Services (MSS). The FSS business model, characterized by longer-term capacity leases, applications like video broadcast and VSAT networking, has recently seen a continued shift towards GEO-HTS payloads and a new, more data-driven demand profile. The…

  • EO Markets: It’s all about the IP

    Dec 10th, 2015 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    DigitalGlobe’s late October announcement on its strong 3Q2015 results came with a surprise about its commercial strategy: the operator said that it was necessary to shift gears from vertical markets to a more “horizontal approach”, a notion that left many observers wondering ‘why?’  Why ‘dial-back’ as they noted, while all major growth expected is in addressing more vertical markets with a variety of Information Products (IP) tailored to specific users?

    This change comes as a result of…