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Archive: November 2012 (X)

  • By prioritizing UAVs in an official report, a top U.S. Navy officer has added more weight to the claims that these airframes will have a tremendous impact in the coming decade in the government and military satellite communications market.

    As NSR’s Government and Military Satellite Communications, 9th Edition report indicated, the pull-out from Afghanistan is shedding light on the work of UAVs beyond support to tactical mission.   We have found in the past few years that there were…

  • DigitalGlobe and GeoEye are due to complete their merger in 2013. Separately, both companies were already the two biggest EO players, and the resulting entity will enjoy a very comfortable position. The merger being the result of the concretization of an overdependence-risk, the new entity now is tasked with diversification of its revenues.  However to do so, it will have to deal with some issues related to Enhanced View (EV).

    DigitalGlobe and GeoEye together represented around 61% of…