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  • With the raft of bad news from recent earning calls stating lower government revenues in the satellite industry, one has to ask the question: is a pessimistic view of the market fair when the changes coming will grow the market pie and offer more bits-per-hertz at a cheaper unit price. 

    The truth is that pessimistic views overshadow many opportunities for solutions developed over the past ten years that address military requirements of lower budgets while at the same time offering more…

  • All signs now point to satellite broadband access reaching a significant milestone. In fact, 2013 was an unprecedented year for satellite broadband access services with record subscriber growth, likely to be almost 370,000 net new subscribers globally by the end of the year.  NSR forecasts the global satellite broadband access market will add over 4.3 million net new subscribers in the coming ten years with North America seeing the best real gains, nearly 2.4 million new subs by 2022.


  • Asian EO Markets Remain Bright

    Jan 8th, 2014 by NSR

    The use of satellite imagery is strongly related to economic growth, and Asia is a good example as one of the most dynamic regional EO markets over the past five years.  In fact it is the fastest growing region once the effects of NGA’s Enhanced View on the North American market are removed. But there are concerns about the local economies; chief among them is China’s fast rising and not so transparent public debt. Nonetheless, Asian’s underlying strengths and vigor will support EO…