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  • As more High Throughput Satellites (HTS) launch, arrive in orbit and become operational in the next 12 to 18 months, many in the industry are asking, “How will HTS affect [insert market here]?”  For consumer markets in North America, and Europe to a lesser extent, HTS can and does have a role to play in consumer broadband access.  For “Enterprise” applications, there is definitely a role for HTS.  And, for Mobility.  And, for…But will this mean it’s a zero-sum game between FSS and…

  • A Merger with Sky-High Ambitions

    Aug 8th, 2014 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The European DTH market may be poised for a significant shakeup in the coming months, following a proposed merger between three of the continent’s largest DTH platforms: British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), Sky Deutschland, and Sky Italia. NSR has noted in previous reports that the Western European DTH market could benefit from such consolidation; however, issues such as language barriers and subsequent difficulty in standardizing content has made such a proposition difficult.

    But, now due…

  • Since the March 2012 deal between Boeing, SpaceX, ABS and Satmex, no full electric propulsion (EP) GEO Satcom had been ordered. July 2014 however marked the end of this dry period with the procurement of SES-12, Eutelsat-172B and the announcement, by India-based Aniara, of the procurement of two EP satellites.

    These deals illustrate different aspects of the EP value-proposition. SES-12 will have a mass of 5,300 kg and a very large payload featuring 54 wide-beam transponders (36 MHz…