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  • Both the commercial satellite manufacturing and launch services industries now face a low(er) demand period with increasing supply. Albeit difficult, differentiation is more necessary than ever.  In both industries, the competitive intensity is already high and should continue to increase mainly due to the following reasons:

    Low(er) demand Significant barriers to exit New entrants

    In such a context for a player to maintain its revenue, it will require an increase of its market share…

  • Australia’s Changing VSAT Landscape

    Jun 10th, 2013 by Jose Del Rosario   More from this Analyst | Profile

    SpeedCast completed the buyout of Australian Satellite Communications (ASC) in December 2012 followed shortly by the announced purchase of Pactel International in April 2013. The acquisition of both entities strengthens and consolidates SpeedCast’s position in Australia’s key vertical markets, specifically the potentially lucrative mining and Oil & Gas sectors.

    SpeedCast’s acquisitions and market position has instantly changed Australia’s competitive landscape due to its enhanced size…

  • Amidst the bandwidth revolution, it is easy to forget there is an entire class of In-service units within the high-end energy satellite communications market that continue to operate in the murky waters of ‘nearly’ broadband.  Serving critical SCADA requirements – Oil and Gas Pipelines, Electrical Utility Transmission and Distribution networks, or in remote well-site deployments- these units remain a workhorse of the Energy market for satellite communications.

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