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  • Aero IFC- Band vs. Band

    Jun 29th, 2016 by Claude Rousseau   More from this Analyst | Profile

    The recent saga of American airlines flip-flopping between GoGo and ViaSat over IFC services is a reflection of the dilemma facing airlines. As satellite operators continue to offer lucrative, often discounted HTS capacity deals to service providers in both Ka- and Ku-band, the airlines now have one more variable to trade-off as they ponder their IFC business model– which frequency band to choose? 

    NSR’s recently released report Aeronautical Satcom Markets, 4th Edition found that even…

  • It is hard to conceive our lives without mobile phones. This necessity has enabled the entire mobile ecosystem to thrive at a spectacular pace, from device manufacturers to infrastructure suppliers, mobile operators or over the top applications. However, the satellite industry has been relegated to a secondary role generally perceived as a last resort solution to generally meet regulatory requirements. With mobile data needs ever growing and terrestrial networks strained, can the…

  • Fact: Satellite operators are searching for places in the value-chain where they can move down and increase margins.

    One of those places for improving margins is creating ‘sticky’ end-users who will have high retention or face significant switching costs.  For markets like DTH, video neighborhoods and the cost of re-pointing household antennas create ‘sticky’ customers.  In the mobility sector, ‘capacity ecosystems’ provide segments of satellite capacity where end-users will roam…