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  • NSR’s most recent research on the Earth Observation (EO) market confirmed the importance of government funding for both the supply and the demand side of the business.  In its Global Satellite-Based Earth Observation, 3rd Edition report, NSR found that 69% of commercial EO satellite operators’ revenues came from government and military users with close to half of these from North America and Europe. As those two regions are now crippled by debt restructuring, lower financial ratings and…

  • Clouds above Two Launch Pads

    Sep 6th, 2011 by NSR

    In NSR’s recently released Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets (GSMLM) report, a possible GEO Launcher over-supply, and thus the return to strong competition, was mentioned as a possibility in the launch market. However, recent developments from ILS/Krunichev and SpaceX may end up limiting the supply and the corresponding competition.

    Krunichev, the Proton manufacturer, recently invested heavily into its Proton manufacturing chain. It acquired several companies in the…

  • Ideally an operator would like to have a satellite go from RFP to orbit in 25 to 30 months. However, the reality is that manufacturing satellites is far from an assembly line operation where every component is sourced with sufficient inventory support. Often the equipment onboard the satellite is highly specialized and vendors are few, which put constraints on delivery and in effect, time to market for satellite services.So what issues keep satellite manufacturers up at night?