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5G in the US: Will Satellite and Mobile Industries Finally Work in Unison?

NSR Senior Analyst, Carlos Placido quoted in Via Satellite article – I ask Carlos Placido, an analyst at NSR, whether Intelsat’s actions have been a stroke of genius or a moment of madness. He gives an interesting response in saying that “Intelsat has certainly succeeded in bringing in other major satellite players to share same vision and goals. We would not use terms as ‘genius’ or ‘madness’ but perhaps define the move as a determined, bold one, and with a great deal of pragmatism. One can wonder if such move could have been shortsighted in the sense that proposal prioritizes short-to-medium term income over the long-term value of spectrum but we have to remember that markets evolve and, ultimately, spectrum falls in the hands of those markets and players where it is most valuable.”