Aeronautical Satcom Market: Has In-Flight Connectivity Left the Gate?

With more airlines offering Wi-Fi on-board their planes each year, the past mishaps of in-flight connectivity (IFC) via satellite seem like a bad dream. Today, it represents a key growth market for the industry, and the future holds much more demand than ever for satellite capacity given the swift changes in take-up rates driven by the use of personal devices onboard aircraft.

However, it seems to be rapidly developing in some markets such as North America and lagging in other regions. Plus, given the low percentage of planes outfitted with some form of satellite connectivity, and players still waiting on some airlines to pull the trigger on their IFC plans, it appears the market still has yet to hit the inflection point. This NSR webinar will examine aero market trends for all regions, aircraft and capacity types in order to evaluate tangible growth opportunities for satellite players.

This FREE webinar will answer the following critical questions:

• What is the state of the industry for IFC?
• Who are the key players and what is their market share?
• What are the types of capacity taken-up by commercial airlines?
• What are the difference between regions by frequency band?
• What is the addressable market for, and the penetration rate of satellite connectivity in aero markets?
• How do prices for IFC compare between different technologies?
• To what extent will HTS capacity – and future LEO-HTS constellations – impact the demand?
• Can connectivity demand compensate revenues in the face of competition from low-cost carriers?
• Bottom Line: Can we say that figuratively speaking, IFC has ‘left the gate’?

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