Energy Markets via Satellite: Is There a Market Beyond Deep-Water?

NSR’s ongoing coverage of the energy market moves beyond deep-water, and explores some of the easy to overlook trends in the onshore sector, the mining industry, and electrical utilities. From pipelines to smart grids, mining and onshore O&G, opportunities exist across the energy vertical in all corners of the world – more than just deeper waters served by legacy services.

While there remains steady opportunity in legacy Oil & Gas offshore regions, the onshore O&G market is not standing still – with onshore rig utilization rates at all-time highs, and pipeline construction continuing across the globe. The mining industry continues to focus on improving operational efficiencies through data-centric monitoring, processing, and control. Meanwhile, electrical utilities continue to focus on improving their own operations in all reaches of the world, from smart grid initiatives to building the next-generation of communications infrastructure supporting higher uptake of renewable generation. Overall, the energy industry continues to move into a data-centric, data-hungry environment where satellite services will play a key role.

This FREE Webinar will answer the following critical questions:

  • Is there really a market beyond offshore? Although activity has traditionally focused on North America for Onshore E&P O&G – is there an opportunity for satellite services to catch the next fracking boom? Do pipelines present a better opportunity?
  • Will activity shift away from traditional hot-spots? Is there an emerging Asia-Pacific Opportunity?
  • Can HTS drive a change in how end-users consume satellite services? Is there an end in-sight for traditional FSS capacity?

This is a must-attend webinar for:

  • Satellite Service Providers & Satellite Operators
  • Satellite Equipment Manufacturers
  • Energy-market Players
  • Anyone seeking to understand the Energy satcom market beyond Offshore O&G

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