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Via Satellite: Examining the Changing Dynamics of Competition for Rapidly Evolving Satellite Constellations

Examining the Changing Dynamics for Satellite Constellations

Established satellite operators, SES and Eutelsat, joined panelists from SpaceX, emerging constellation provider Mangata Networks and network orchestration player Aalyria, in a lively debate on the viability of constellations businesses, the state of competition, the merits of vertical integration and the role of cloud infrastructure in changing the face of the market.

Moderator Christopher Baugh, founder and partner of NSR, an Analysys Mason company, emphasized that convergence, competition and confusion are dominant themes confronting the industry and challenged the group to define what metrics should be used to measure the success of constellation businesses.

Pointing to all the capacity build-outs in the works, Baugh questions if there is an addressable market for all the planned capacity. “We don’t have a demand problem; we have a supply problem,” he said, pointing to the general state of anxiety within the industry today.