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Fierce Wireless: Lynk Global moves closer to reality with BICS deal

Lynk Global, a Falls Church, Virginia-based startup that aims to connect its satellites to cell phones to provide cellular service in remote areas, signed a deal with BICS, a wholesale provider of cellular voice and data services. Northern Sky Research (NSR) recently predicted that the direct satellite-to-device market has the potential to generate $66.8 billion in 10-year cumulative revenues compared with the $38.8 billion that is estimated to be generated by wholesale non-GEO services, such as that served by SpaceX’s Starlink service.

NSR called the direct satellite-to-device-market “transformational” because satellites traditionally have required proprietary and expensive equipment. Being able to connect to conventional smartphones reduces the barrier to entry for consumers. Plus, by teaming with mobile operators and offering a wholesale service, satellite providers have the potential to reach billions of subscribers.