NSR in the News

GlobeNewswire: NSR’s In-Orbit Services Report Projects $14.3 Billion in Revenues as Non-Geo Constellations Grow Demand

Over the next decade, NSR’s IoSM5 anticipates growth for all In-Orbit Service applications. The Space Situational Awareness (SSA) market, guided by the need to track assets, is expected to grow fast, and reach a $3.7 Billon opportunity. And Active Debris Removal will be the fastest-growing area, at 38% CAGR, driven by innovative technology and increasing demand for maintaining secure & sustainable orbits for satellite constellations.

However, while the addressable market is large, with current low technology readiness and most IoS missions slated for mid to long-term launch dates, a slow start is expected for this market. This timing uncertainty means service providers are still trying to find their pace.