Government & Military Satcom: Can Commercial Satellites Still Compete?

Today’s global context is stretching government & military satellite communications. From pockets of instability to geopolitical crises through to the rapid response required in natural disaster management, the requirements for gov/military connectivity continue on a rapid rise upwards. However, with budgets still strained around the world, will users primarily turn to military/government-owned OR commercial satellites to support the bulk of activities in the coming decade?

In this FREE webinar, NSR addresses the key question facing the market: what is the cost and value comparison between Milsat and Comsat? NSR will explore how these dynamics will shape future opportunities and what the growth segments will be for commercial providers. Despite the expected continued market downturn in the coming two years, demand for commercial connectivity alone will conservatively approach 700 transponders by 2023, largely driven by UAS. To bridge the gap between available total funding and this capacity demand from a more diverse user set than ever before, this NSR webinar will provide guidance as to the way forward.

This FREE webinar will answer the following critical questions:

  • How do Milsat and Comsat capacity prices compare? Or, can they be compared at all?
  • To what extent will the growing Milsat capacity – and the international partnerships sharing such capacity – impact commercial demand?
  • Will evolving regional demand drive a commercial capacity boost?
  • In which applications and user segments are commercial operators best suited to compete?
  • Can UAS connectivity demand alone compensate for an otherwise declining market size in the near-term?
  • Bottom Line: Is a revival of the government & military satellite communications market on the horizon?

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