LEO-HTS Constellations Resurrected: Will They or Won’t They?

From Megabits of FSS to Gigabits of HTS, the satellite industry is at the cusp of Terabits of LEO-HTS supply. However, from ground equipment, to spectrum, to go-to-market strategies being potential “Red Flags”, how does an industry brace itself for the possible resurrection of LEO constellations – this time with a broadband data focus?

In this FREE webinar, NSR addresses the key question facing the industry: will LEO-HTS systems deliver the broadband dream, or are there simply too many challenges to conquer?

Despite hype around the now 7+ projects including OneWeb, SpaceX, LeoSat and others, the potential exists for anywhere from 20 to 30 Terabits of LEO capacity to possibly launch. While the question remains as to where the billions in funding will come from, every business case presumes that there is no dearth of demand for high-bandwidth applications. In a technology agnostic world where terrestrial 5G, fiber and LEO-HTS could all compete for the same “video-streaming consumer” NSR’s webinar attempts to raise a voice of reason.

This FREE NSR webinar will answer the following critical questions:

  • What is the true Market Opportunity as demand ranges from home broadband to aero?
  • Which Business Model will LEO-HTS prefer – “Middle Mile”, “Last Mile” or just simply Raw Capacity for all?
  • Will the industry have Manufacturing and Launching Resources sufficient to install Terabits of capacity into orbit?
  • What advances in technology will it take for LEO-HTS to have the right ground equipment – Gateways and CPE?
  • What hurdles can LEO-HTS expect from Regulatory juggernauts such as Spectrum Coordination and Landing Rights?
  • What Scenarios are possible when as many as 7 unique Non-GEO systems have been announced?
  • What impact will LEO-HTS systems have on already turbulent GEO FSS capacity pricing?
  • Bottom Line: Is LEO-HTS really a Game Changer, and ultimately what impact will these developments have?

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