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M2M via Satellite to Reach $2.5 Billion in Revenue by 2025

New NSR Report Projects More Markets, More Satellite M2M/IoT Offerings and More Competition Worldwide


Cambridge, MA – November 21 2016– NSR’s Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) via Satellite, 7th Edition (M2M7) report, released today, finds the global satellite M2M and IoT market will reach 5.96 million in-service satellite M2M/IoT terminals by 2025, corresponding to nearly $2.5 billion in annual retail revenues, a doubling over 2015. The report also finds the most lucrative application is Land Transport; however, other key verticals record strong growth.

“NSR’s latest report points to an optimistic picture for the industry; however, operators cannot stand still as increasing competition aims to take advantage of the growing demand for M2M/IoT,” notes Alan Crisp, report author. “Growing cellular footprints, greater terrestrial reliability, and the rollout of 5G and LPWA networks, are increasing competition within the M2M/IoT market globally. Longer term, IoT-dedicated smallsats will also enter the market, providing unique and potentially compelling value propositions to disrupt the current market paradigm,” notes Crisp.

While competition within the M2M market will increase, opportunities also exist, such as dual-mode solutions, enabling operators to tap into new markets. Beyond this, with the growth of dedicated terrestrial IoT Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, such as Sigfox and LoRa, new, albeit relatively niche, markets for satellite participation will open up. The compelling value proposition to provide satellite IoT backhaul for such networks will enable new revenue sources in the longer term, once these networks are rolled out globally.

Presenting a larger opportunity is satellite consumer IoT, which will see significant growth in areas such as location and tracking devices. This will come in spite of the dominance of terrestrial connections. Most notable in this segment will be Globalstar SPOT and DeLorme InReach, which NSR forecasts will reach over 770,000 in-service units by 2025 – 13% of active M2M/IoT satellite units in that year.


About the Report

M2M and IoT via Satellite, 7th Edition, expands NSR industry leading coverage, with analysis on four new distinct applications, including IoT and the Connected Car. The report offers deep insight into the continuously expanding and evolving M2M and IoT sectors, enabling companies to devote focus to growth opportunities for each application.  This industry reference clarifies which applications will see the strongest revenue growth, unit demand trends and the shifts in ARPUs over the next decade.

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