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Market Gossip: Northrop Grumman’s satellite servicer, MEV-2, about to dock at Intelsat’s 10-02 satellite

Northrop Grumman‘s second servicing satellite, MEV-2, approaches Intelsat’s 10-02 satellite readiness for a docking attempt. According to the Philadelphia-based satellite industry consultant Northern Sky Research(NSR) research, the GEO servicing missions will grow to about seventy-five satellites by 2030. These life-extension missions are valued at approximately $3.2 billion cumulative market potential. [NSR] reveals that’s in the next decade, the space sector can expect the servicing of around 230 in-orbits satellites as governments, military and commercial space companies increase their GEO and non-GEO missions. According to NSR, space agencies will need to relocate, salvage, and repair their satellites at some point in the coming years.