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NSR Releases Industry First Report Assessing Satellite Operator Financial Metrics

Financial Metrics and Benchmarks Point to Solid and Improving Stance for FSS Operators


CAMBRIDGE, MA – January 31, 2012 – NSR’s Satellite Operator Financial Analysis study, released today, is an industry first analysis of key qualitative and quantitative metrics that assess all the prime financial criteria of Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) operators. The metrics analyzed range widely including overall revenues, cash flows, capital expenditure requirements, debt levels, return on their satellite fleets, and many others. While primarily concentrated on the top publicly reporting FSS operators, this study offers analysis on twenty-three of the industry’s leading FSS players for select metrics.

“Not only has NSR sought to perform an extensive financial assessment of the leading publicly reporting operators,” notes NSR. “This study also provides ranking of each operator’s performance in each metric against their peers, detailed analysis of their score, and a complete set of statistically-grounded fundamental financial benchmarks for the FSS industry that have great utility in business planning and possible future M&A or IPO activity in the industry.”

“NSR points to positive trends in the financial metrics for nearly every FSS operator analyzed,” says NSR. “This indicates that not only is the FSS sector robust in financial terms, but that operators are focused on continued, incremental performance improvements as well as investing strongly into future growth.” By combining publicly reported financial data with in-depth knowledge of the FSS sector, NSR has created an independent, systematic, step-by-step financial analysis of the FSS sector in greater detail than ever before available in the industry.


About the Report

Satellite Operator Financial Analysis is a multi-client report now available from NSR. This report is a first-of-its-kind assessment of the key financial metrics for the leading global and regional fixed satellite services (FSS) operators. The report includes an operator-by-operator assessment and cross comparison analysis of common and unique financial metrics to determine true performance, health and outlook of the satellite operator community. The study offers a wealth of data and industry analysis that will be valuable to industry insiders as well as institutions that need to better understand the FSS sector’s financial performance.

For additional information on this report, including a full table of contents, list of figures and executive summary, please visit www.nsr.com or call NSR at 617-576-5771.


About NSR

NSR is a leading international market research and consulting firm with a core focus on the satellite sector and related industries. Founded in 2000 and with an experienced group of analysts located in all regions, NSR specializes in analysis of growth opportunities across four core sectors: Satellite Communications, Broadcasting & Digital Media, Hybrid & Emerging Applications and Commercial Space.


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