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NSR Report: Constellations to Drive Smallsat Markets through next Decade

Smallsat Launch Rates to Exceed 5,000


Cambridge, MA – December 18, 2017 – NSR’s newly released Small Satellite Markets, 4th Edition (SSM4) report identifies growth across the 1-500 kg smallsat market with 5,000 satellites launching within the next decade, generating cumulative revenues of $25B in manufacturing and launch services. Constellations remain the strongest driver of market growth; 70% of satellites to launch will be part of such a group of 5 or more satellites with the same mission. North America and Asia present the largest near-term opportunities, building on well-developed satellite ecosystems and leveraging the growth prospects in Earth Observation, Communications, and Science applications.

2017 was a strong year for the smallsat market, making up for declining launch rates in 2015 and 2016 with over 300 satellites launched and several new systems commencing deployment. “More and more players across the value chain are looking to engage in the smallsat market, seeing an opportunity to leverage their existing business and capabilities in this rapidly evolving segment,” comments report author Carolyn Belle. “As these players cement their offerings and look to build market share, competition will heighten, and today’s young market will begin to mature. The key question now facing the industry is, how many players can the market support, and how will M&A activity make its mark?”

Through this market maturation, a robust industry based on one-time projects and individual satellites will sustain activity through the ups and downs of constellation deployment and replenishment cycles. Siddharth Shihora, report co-author, noted “emerging constellations will be challenged to balance CAPEX, investment, and revenue generation, particularly for systems designed with rapid replenishment rates that generate constant CAPEX requirements.” NSR does not anticipate all systems currently in development to launch, with a forecasted success rate of less than 50% as operators seek the right response to myriad challenges.


About the Report

NSR’s proprietary database of small satellites, launch service providers, and platforms, complemented by years of in-depth discussions with industry stakeholders on trends and drivers, provides the basis for the most comprehensive view of the small satellite industry. Small Satellite Markets, 4th Edition (SSM4) leverages this expertise and market intelligence across verticals, regions, and operators within the 1-500 kg mass range to deliver an industry leading analysis on the current state of the market, including demand forecasts for each mass segment, application, and region over the coming decade. SSM4 is the must-have report for existing and emerging players and investors seeking to succeed in the rapidly evolving small satellite ecosystem.

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