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NSR Report: Gov/Mil SatCom Market on Track to Generate $93B by 2029 Despite COVID-19

Need for Connectivity Only Grows for both COMSATCOM and MILSATCOM Assets, but Slowdown Potential in Medium to Longer Term

Cambridge, MA – November 10th, 2020 – NSR’s newly released Government and Military Satellite Communications, 17th Edition report finds despite the challenges of COVID-19 that Gov & Mil markets posted an overall revenue growth for 2019 /2020 reaching $93 Billion by 2029. With nearly $6.4 Billion in 2019 connecting all ranges of Gov & Mil operations – from frontline response missions to complex military operations – commercial satellite connectivity continues to be a core pillar of this market.

“While COVID-19 has significantly challenged other SATCOM markets like airborne IFC or ocean cruise, Gov & Mil markets saw fewer disruptions.” Brad Grady, report author adds, “2020 saw its challenges – routine technology upgrades were confronted with site lockdowns, networks required rapid reconfiguration to support telemedicine or other applications, and supply-chain shortages continue to be a challenge in some segments. However, throughout 2020 and into 2029 the need to remain connected continues to grow. Paying for that connectivity – that will remain the challenge in the mid to longer term.” Software-defined networking, flexible antenna acquisition, and an enterprise-vision for a seamless MILSATCOM and COMSATCOM connectivity layer all require significant investments, which will need to compete against other spending priorities across the globe.

Reconciling current COVID-19 relief spending with future connectivity investments for Government & Military markets will be the key challenge in the mid-term. Yet, at over 900 Gbps of bandwidth demand by 2029, up from 41 Gbps in 2019, the market will continue to demand more robust, reliable, and resilient connectivity from commercial markets. Migration from FSS Ku-band to the latest MEO or LEO Non-GEO HTS connectivity combine with Satellite Handhelds, Narrowband IoT, and other form factors will drive the market to over $11 Billion in Retail Revenues by 2029. 

About the Report

NSR’s Government and Military Satellite Communications, 17th Edition (GSCSD17) explores the market opportunities available to the satellite industry. With over a decade of insights and analysis, NSR’s longest-running report on the Government & Military satellite communications market provides an in-depth view of the drivers, regional trends, and capacity demand through 2029.

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