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NSR Report Projects $100 Billion in Commercial Ground Segment Revenues

Mass-Markets and Mobility Segments to Generate Impressive Revenue Growth


Cambridge, MA – July 18, 2016 – NSR’s Commercial Satellite Ground Segment report,  released today, projects the global market for Commercial Satellite Ground Equipment will grow from $5.6 Billion in 2015 to $11.5 Billion in 2025, generating over $100 Billion in cumulative revenue. Mass-markets like DTH and Consumer Broadband will generate the majority of shipments. However, high-value markets such as Aeronautical Satcom and Earth Stations offer large revenue potential and sizable upside for equipment vendors.

“Global shipments for commercial satellite ground equipment will surpass 57 million units by 2025 across all verticals and regions,” stated Lluc Palerm, report author. “Technological transformations are greatly impacting all markets. The transition to HD, UltraHD and smart STBs are generating high growth in the dominant DTH vertical. HTS is the key transformational force, opening new markets while setting new performance requirements for satellite ground platforms. Only the platforms that can best adapt to this new HTS environment will be able to capture the growth opportunities ahead.”

“The need for connectivity is stronger every day, everywhere, and this is creating opportunities for SatCom on a global basis,“ comments NSR. “Mobility markets, in particular Aeronautical SatCom, present high revenue growth potential. However, strong entry barriers exist.”

This NSR report includes analysis of segments unavailable from any other source. Baseband Equipment is witnessing skyrocketing demand from HTS platforms. The flexibility to serve multiple verticals and the need to adapt to the technical requirements of HTS are essential success factors for the future. Similar prospects are forecasted for the SatCom Earth Stations vertical, where demand for FSS Broadband and Video will encounter challenges but HTS will spur growth. Earth Observation Ground Segment will remain a relatively small market, but some opportunities exist via serving emerging EO constellations.


About the Report

NSR’s Commercial Satellite Ground Segment is the first of its kind industry analysis and forecast of the commercial satellite ground equipment sector. The study leverages NSR’s extensive and in-depth satellite industry knowledge to assess all key industry segments: Direct to Home (DTH), Consumer Broadband, Fixed Enterprise VSAT, Wireless Backhaul, Trunking, Aeronautical SatCom, Land Mobile, Maritime, Baseband Equipment, SatCom Earth Stations and Earth Observation Ground Segment. The report covers shipments and equipment revenues in five regional markets, investigates trends impacting market growth and business models, and surveys technological trends shaping the future of satellite ground equipment and impacting the satellite industry as a whole. The report relies on NSR’s extensive knowledge of the satellite MSS, FSS, HTS and EO industries using the various targeted analyses in each market segment as building blocks for this global report.

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