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NSR’s Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit, v3.0 Expands Surveyed Systems and Doubles Benchmarking

Version 3.0 of NSR’s LEO and MEO SATCOM Benchmarking Toolset Centralizes Data Management and Introduces Quarterly Updates  

Cambridge, MA – September 06, 2022 – Today NSR launched Version 3.0 of its Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit (NCAT3), enhancing the industry-leading evaluation toolset of LEO and MEO satellite constellations. NCAT3 expands the set of NSR-surveyed systems to 72 sub-constellations and doubles benchmarking capability to 100 concurrent shells.  

LEO and MEO satellite constellations are a transformative force in space, with both anticipated and unforeseen ramifications to the broader telecommunications industry. “The rapid pace of innovation and dynamism drives the need to be able to simulate new scenarios quickly and evaluate the impact of system modifications”, notes NSR founder and Analysys Mason Partner, Christopher Baugh 

“Hard data drives accurate performance predictions. Coverage and speed characteristics revealed for Starlink and OneWeb closely match metrics previously calculated through NCAT”, notes Carlos Placido, NSR consultant and toolkit lead developer.  

The NSR toolkit can benchmark several constellations concurrently. Through programmable, virtual representations of constellations, NCAT3 can be used to understand and predict current and future constellations’ applicability and performance. “The time dimension brought in via input updates takes this toolbox one step closer to digital twins of constellations”, adds Placido 

NCAT3 datasets, calculations and visualizations include addressability, bandwidth supply-demand, and competitive standing versus terrestrial networks, by leveraging thousands of data points processed through the toolkit’s logic. Version 3.0 includes an expanded constellation dataset, quarterly updates and a growing list of operational and planned gateway stations driving single-hop coverage analysis. 

About the Toolkit 

NSR’s Non-GEO Constellations Analysis Toolkit 3.0 (NCAT3) is an assembly of analytical models that x-ray and benchmark LEO and MEO satellite constellations factually.   With updateable datasets, configurable filters and user-defined inputs, NCAT3 is a standalone product that may be leveraged in combination with market data and insight extracted from relevant NSR and Analysys Mason research studies.  

The data-driven and feature-rich configurable toolset allows factual assessments of non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite constellations across multiple layers including orbital mechanics, business case, addressability, coverage, and capacity supply-demand dynamics for fixed broadband and mobility applications at global, regional or country-levels. 

NCAT3 provides in-depth understanding of NGSO SATCOM for both business and technical professionals alike. 

For additional information on this product, including a full table of contents, toolkit functionality and feature set please visit www.nsr.com or call NSR at +1 617 674-7743. 

Constellations Analyzed in this Product 

NCAT3 is pre-loaded with updated FCC/ITU filing data – Q3.2022 – both granted and in-process for 72 distinct sub-constellations comprising over 130 thousand satellites. Systems include: Amazon Project Kuiper, AST Space Mobile, Astra Space, Boeing, China GW-2 & GW-A59, E-Space, Hughes HVNET, Kepler Communications, LYNK Global, Mangata Networks, OneWeb (phases 1 & 2), Rivada Space Networks, SES O3B, Starlink (gen 1 & 2), SpaceX VLEO, Telesat Lightspeed and Viasat. Editable inputs allow users to evaluate additional NGSO systems and modifications; up to 100 LEO/MEO shells concurrently. 

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