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On Demand: LEO Terminals – Pointing the Way Forward


LEO Terminals

If you missed NSR Research Director, Brad Grady in the GVF webinar LEO Terminals – Pointing the Way Forward – you can now watch it on demand.

The dialogue began with a definition of a ‘LEO terminal’, including an exploration of the degree of integration of LEO terminal components and the more software-centric facets of their design. The conversation went on to explore SpaceX/Starlink as “the elephant in the room”, asking “How can the rest of the industry compete?”

The conversation then turned to answering “What Metrics ‘Matter’?” A detailed analysis drew-out the fundamental partial conclusion that what essentially matters is the ability to provide the service the customer wants.

Further points addressed the connected issues of terminal inter-operability and standardisation, and finally turned to answering the question, “Where can players go from here in building the (LEO) connectivity ecosystem?”