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Satellite Evolution Group: NSR’s latest report projects $2 billion optical satcom market driven by non-GEO constellations

NSR’s newly released Optical Satellite Communications, 4th Edition (OSC4) projects a $2 Billion Optical Satcom market for equipment, driven primarily by upcoming Non-GEO constellations. As Optical Satcom growth trends upwards at a 47% CAGR, projected demand reaches 6,000+ laser communication terminal (LCT) units over the next decade.

Optical Satcom is situated to significantly impact both core commercial Satellite Applications industries- Communications and Earth Observation. LCTs enable transition into higher bandwidth services for satcom and deliver a robust backbone network for backhaul and trunking services via mesh connectivity and lower latency. Similarly, Optical offerings provide high bandwidth pipes for data downlink, meeting next generation Earth Observation satellite demands as increasing sensor resolution and ever more satellites lead to need for higher data rates for download.