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SatNews: By 2030, NSR Reports Trillion$ In Global Space Economy Revenues

NSR’s newly released NSR’s Global Space Economy, 2nd Edition (NGSE2) projects strong revenue potential across all key segments, underpinned by record setting investment and both public and private sector demand for space products and services. With more than $1.25 trillion in cumulative revenue projected by 2030, the space industry growth trajectory trends upwards at a 6.25% CAGR.

Satellite & Space Infrastructure is the largest segment today, with burgeoning demand from the Crew & Cargo market as the leading revenue source. Close behind are key infrastructure markets such as Satellite CommunicationsEarth ObservationSituational Awareness and Science & Technology. Altogether, the Satellite & Space Infrastructure market will generate more than $570 billion in revenue by 2030.