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SatNews: NSR Does Flat, Forecasts Nearly $17B for Flat Panel Satellite Antennas Over Next Decade

A very impressive $17B in equipment revenues is anticipated and addressed by NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antenna Analysis, 6th Edition report. The report sees over 6M cumulative FPA shipments generating nearly $17B in equipment revenues over the next decade. The growing Non-GEO HTS Consumer Broadband market will yield nearly 5M in shipments alone, driven by the growing number of HTS constellations expected over the next 10 years. “Near-term, COVID-19 continues to present supply-chain challenges across the equipment supplier landscape,” states NSR. “However, customer demand remains robust, with FPAs reaching upwards of 15 percent Satellite Terminal penetration by 2030 – up from basically 0 percent today.”