Smallsats: Which Pathway to the Stars?

As the satellite industry continues to be captivated by rising smallsat popularity, trends and practices are taking hold that will direct the path to sustained success. Many commercial players are pursuing high volume constellations, while militaries are considering ad-hoc projects, universities increasing lead their own missions, and government players look to complement other assets. At the same time, launch continues to be a market restraint even as dozens of new vehicles are under development and demand from smallsat operators continues to increase. Will launch vehicle and market development go hand in hand, leading to the promised smallsats boom in the next decade?

Leveraging NSR’s industry-leading analysis of smallsat and smallsat launcher markets, this FREE webinar answered the following critical questions:

  • Are constellations the driving force of smallsat market growth?
  • Which applications have the potential to lead market expansion?
  • Are divergent trends emerging in smallsat market dynamics?
  • Which market segments are booking with traditional launch service providers versus new players?
  • How many smallsat launchers are lining up constellation customers, and who has the capacity to sign more?
  • When will customers realistically be able to launch on new smallsat launchers?
    Join NSR in this FREE webinar analyzing smallsat industry growth dynamics, plus an assessment of the emerging launch vehicles that aim to put them into orbit.

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