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Spectrum Proceeds and Key Markets to Lead Satellite Operator Return to Growth

NSR’s SIFA 11 Study Saw Revenue Contraction in 2020, but C-band Proceeds, Consumer Broadband, Backhaul, and Government Services to Drive Top Line Revenue Growth

Cambridge, MA – November 3, 2021 – NSR’s Satellite Industry Financial Analysis, 11th Edition report, launched today, projects the global satcom industry contracted by 2.3% in FY2020 to USD $13.4B. While continuing sector trends such as a weakening DTH sector and COVID-19 impacts on aeronautical and maritime markets drove declines, enhanced revenue from spectrum leases, consumer broadband, backhaul and government services point to growth potential on the horizon.

“Overall, the industry is set for turnaround of declining top lines, driven by growth opportunities in key markets and spectrum proceeds,” notes report author Joseph Ibeh. “Top-line growth will be funded mainly from C-band spectrum proceeds in the U.S, with potential in Canada and other jurisdictions; however, EBITDA margins and the bottom line continue to face significant pressure in the short to mid-term.”

EBITDA margins remain challenged as GEO operators move from capacity infrastructure business to more managed service offerings and retail service models. Weakening backlog and years of backlog to annual revenues reflect the shortfall in new contracts.  Non-renewals in the typically long-term video market and the shortening of contract duration in growing connectivity markets also reflect the changing paradigm. Overall, pressure on Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) persists as EBIT continues to weaken.

With competitive threats from heavily funded LEO mega-constellation operators on the horizon, change is inevitable. The pulse of the industry has shifted to redefining market strategies with the need to optimize upstream economies and locking in distribution at the center of executive discussions. Recent M&A activities and bankruptcies show that middlemen service providers are caught up in the drive to secure distribution.

Ibeh added “Satcom growth opportunities will increase post industry consolidation as upstream innovation, downstream economies of scale, and LEO supply unlocks new possibilities. With strong potential in mainstream telecoms, cloud computing, security and government demand, long-term opportunity is expanding.”

About the Report

NSR’s Satellite Industry Financial Analysis, 11th Edition is the industry’s leading resource for assessment and analysis of financial performance across the Global Satcom market. SIFA11 provides comprehensive financial and market assessment of the global satellite communications industry, profiling business fundamentals of individual operators and service providers across 25 key financial metrics. With essential market evaluations of player performance in 2020/21, SIFA11 offers the essential insights necessary to navigate current and upcoming market opportunities, keeping readers Ahead of the market Curve.

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Companies and Organizations Mentioned in NSR’s SIFA11

Amos-Spacecom, Antrix, Anuvu, APT Satellite, ArabSat, Asia Broadcast Satellite, Asiasat, ChinaSat, Comcast ISRO, DISH Network, Egyptian Satellite Co.(NileSat), Eutelsat, EchoStar-Hughes, Gazprom Space Systems, Gogo, Hispasat, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Measat, PT Telkom, RSCC, SES, Singtel Optus, SKY Perfect JSAT, Sky Plc, Star One, Speedcast, Telenor Satellite, Telesat, Thaicom, ViaSat, and Yahsat.

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