David Oni



Mr. Oni began consulting as an Information Designer for NSR in 2022. He has over two years of experience analyzing satellite manufacturing and launch markets, detailing industry dynamics, government policies and commercial players.

Before joining NSR, Mr. Oni was a data analyst at Space in Africa, where he employed several analytical tools to track, clean, and analyze datasets to help solve peculiar problems, identify trends, and propose actionable insights to help inform business decisions. In addition, Mr. Oni led the data analytics team to create several interactive data portals that provided real-time access to market data across the African space technology value chain, which aided business intelligence, marketing, collaboration, and policy decisions.

Mr. Oni has consulted for several clients operating in the African and the international market (including Europe and the USA), providing business insights and advice on navigating the African space technology landscape. He has also contributed to several studies and reports on the African space technology and satellite ecosystem, industry evaluation and development, and budgetary allocations.

Mr. Oni has a bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Akure, where he carried out some research work on the establishment of mining Near-earth asteroids