Prachi Kawade

Senior Analyst

Mumbai, India

Ms Prachi Kawade began consulting for NSR in 2021. Prior to her consulting work with NSR, she worked with Frost & Sullivan, leading the product development of Innovation Generator for Space: An Interactive Data Intelligence Platform that covers the complete space ecosystem with market forecasts across upstream and downstream segments, as Senior Research Analyst.

She has worked on multiple consulting assignments on launch services, satellite manufacturing, data storage in space, space tourism, high-speed travel, material utilisation in space and situational awareness applications. She is also an author of multiple reports on the Launch Services, Space Tourism, Space Ecosystem, Indian Space Industry, Satellite-based IoT markets. Prior to Frost, she held the position of business development team lead at AMSI Technologies.

Prachi holds a master’s degree in Space Studies from International Space University (ISU) and a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering from MVJ College of Engineering.