Sarah Halpin

NSR Content Creator

Meath, Ireland

Ms. Halpin joined NSR in 2021 as Content Creator, supporting the daily work of NSR’s industry- leading global team of analysts. She joined us from RehabCare’s day service team in Ireland, which provides essential support services to vulnerable adults during the 2020-2021 Pandemic.

Ms. Halpin is a recent graduate of the International Space University’s M.Sc in Space Studies. During her time at ISU, Ms. Halpin contributed to the “Manufacturing in Space” team project, presented at the International Astronautical Congress (2019), and the “Legal and Ethical issues surrounding future Carrington Events” research group , published in New Space: The journal of Space Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Mar, 2020), respectively.

In 2019, Ms. Halpin also completed an internship with JAXA’s Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate and the University of Tsukuba’s Laboratory of Occupational Psychiatry and Space Medicine, focusing on confinement and stress in relation to spaceflight.

Ms. Halpin has a solid background in research and behavioural science, having completed a Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Bangor, Wales, and a B.A in Behavioural Sciences (Psychology) at the American College Dublin, Ireland. She has presented her research findings at international conferences, including IASSID, U.K and the first international conference on Time Perspectives, Portugal.

Other projects Ms. Halpin is currently engaged with include the development of space education and outreach within Ireland. She is also an active member of the Space Generation advisory council.