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Tell Your Self-Driving Car Where to Turn Next … From Outer Space

NSR Senior Analyst, Lluc Palerm-Serra quoted in OZY article.

“We believe satellite has a big role to play in 5G,” says Lluc Palerm-Serra, a senior analyst at Northern Sky Research, a space industry research and consulting agency. “Satellite is being increasingly used for 4G networks, so we expect that to be extended into 5G.”


That, says Evans, will leave large chunks in developed nations that won’t be connected with 5G. Palerm-Serra agrees. “You’re not going to connect Times Square by satellite,” he says. In semi-urban areas, though, satellites might make sense.

That doesn’t mean we’ll all be using satellite internet in the future. “Satellite internet will remain a niche for now,” Palerm-Serra says. Still, even a jump from, say, 1 percent of the market share to 3 percent would represent a significant leap forward for the space industry.