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NSR: Satellite Constellations Drive $3 Billion Optical Satcom Market

Market Poised for Growth as Industry Leaders Utilize Optical Links for Constellation Deployment

Cambridge, MA – NSR’s newly released Optical Satellite Communications, 3rd Edition (OSC3) report projects a $3 billion cumulative revenue opportunity through 2030 for laser communication terminals (LCTs) in both space and airborne markets.

The Optical Satcom market is largely equipment-centric, with a significant portion of the revenue flow going to LCT manufacturers. Success in this market will be heavily dependent upon Non-GEO constellation operators’ ability to launch and close their business cases, as well as market adoption from government / military institutions looking for alternative solutions in RF-denied environments.

“The market for LCTs rests strongly on the deployment of Non-GEO HTS mega-constellations, particularly if terminal prices come down,” states Shivaprakash Muruganandham, report co-author. Muruganandham adds, “Free space optical communications (FSOC) is a niche alternative to today’s RF links. As it matures, a new wave of interest has risen in optical satellite communications as a potential market gamechanger”.

Currently, a handful of terminal manufacturers are eyeing this market, ranging from vertically integrated aerospace incumbents with volume production capabilities to newer, leaner, startups targeting niche adjacent segments.  Within the next 3 years, over 20 different in-orbit demonstrations are planned to involve LCTs. These will be critical in determining the true potential of optical laser communications.

“On top of satellites, the airborne market for optical lasercomm, specifically for military UAS applications in RF-contested scenarios, will be very attractive in the short-term for terminal manufacturers” explains  Arthur Van Eeckhout, report co-author. “EO, for its part, is a smaller market, seeing very slow uptake in the commercial sector due to the competition from RF services”.

Many equipment manufacturers are now racing to address the optical satellite communications market with a variety of products aimed at inter-satellite links or direct-to-earth optical connectivity solutions. OSC3 leverages NSR’s extensive analytical experience to offer business- critical insights into what is shaping the optical satcom market and its target segments.

About the Report

NSR’s Optical Satellite Communications, 3rd Edition (OSC3) is the industry’s only report providing a complete overview of the laser communication terminal market. OSC3 provides a comprehensive forecast of the global industry outlook for Space- Space, Space- Ground, and airborne UAS optical link types. In addition to profiling key industry players manufacturing LCTs, market analysis is offered   in regards to in-service units, equipment and services revenues across regions and  three target application areas. Building upon NSR’s industry leading research into  space infrastructure markets, this report offers decision makers a clear outlook on the future of optical communications in space and  UAS for different stakeholders.

For additional information on this report, including a full table of contents, list of exhibits and executive summary, please visit www.nsr.com or call NSR at +1-617-674-7743.

Companies and Organizations Mentioned in the Report:

AAC Clyde Space, Addvalue Technologies, Airbus, Amazon, Analytical Space, ArabSat, Archangel Lightworks, Astro Systeme, Astrogate Labs, Atlas Space Operations, Axelspace, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp, BlackSky, Bridgecomm, Cailabs, Capella Space, Centre Nationale d’Études Spatiales (CNES), Chang Guang Satellite Technology, Cloud Constellation, DARPA, DLR, Earth-I, Edmund Optics, EOSDS, Es’hailSat, European Space Agency (ESA), General Atomics, GHGSat, GomSpace, Honeywell, Hyperion Technologies, ICEYE, Inmarsat, JAXA, KSAT, KTSat, L3-Harris, Laser Fleet, LaserLight Communications, Lockheed Martin, Maersk, Lyteloop, mBryonics, MDA, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co, Momentus Space, Mynaric, NASA, NCKU Tainan, Nokia Bell Labs, Odysseus Space, Planet, Planewave Instruments, QinetiQ, RBC Signals, Rocket Lab, Roscosmos, Saturn Satellite Networks, Sinclair Technologies, SKY Perfect JSAT, Skyloom, Sony CSL, Space Development Agency (SDA), Space Micro, Space Union, Spacebelt, SpaceLink, SpaceX, SpeQtral Communications, Spire, SSC, Starlight Ventures, Synopta, Synspective, Telesat, TESAT-Spacecom, Thales Alenia Space, TNO, Transcelestial Technologies, U.S. Air Force Research Lab, U.S. Space Force, Warpspace, X-Lumin, Xenesis, and Xingyun Satellite Co.

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