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Satellite Big Data Value Chain Sees Opportunity Driven by EO and M2M/IoT Applications

New Standards Adoption Sets Pace for $22.1B Big Data Market Revenues Through 2030

Cambridge, MA – November 29th, 2021NSR’s newly released Big Data Analytics via Satellite, 5th Edition (BDvS5) report sees EO and M2M/IoT Satcom Big Data applications driving Big Data market revenues to over $22.1B through next decade. As value chain evolution ramps up opportunity across the Big Data Market, nascent markets rapidly adapting to new standards propel Big Data adoption across multiple regions. 

Primarily driven by Earth Observation based Geospatial Analytics solutions, satellite Big Data Analytics annual revenue opportunity will reach $3.7B by 2030.  “In the wake of COP26, the recent UN conference calling for increased gathering of actionable data towards climate change mitigation, satellite-based Geospatial Analytics players are rising to meet upcoming regulatory requirements,” states report author Shivaprakash Muruganandham.  

“These companies are providing Big Data solutions across various markets, from oil and gas pipeline monitoring to carbon stocks assessment in forestry applications. With an already established ecosystem for M2M/IoT apps, there is high growth potential for EO Big Data applications,” adds Muruganandham. 

As incumbents and startups alike, roll out newer applications, the Big Data market will consolidate further. The line between EO and M2M/IoT data applications is expected to blur, with increasing crossover in applications between these two legacy industries. Boosted by the growing virtualization of satellite networks, as software-defined systems become more prevalent, the applications crossover drives interoperability and smoother data pipelines development. 

Muruganandham concludes, “With market evolution well underway, the opportunity profile for Big Data is broadening rapidly. Moving forward, adopting big data services across the value chain will not be a “nice to have” but rather a necessity for most players in the satellite sector.”  

About the Report

NSR’s Big Data Analytics via Satellite, 5th Edition report provides a comprehensive analysis into the current state of market, technology, and business trends in the world of satellite Big Data. The report offers industry-leading forecasting into near and long-term prospects for the satellite industry to leverage Big Data, both in satellite communications and satellite Earth Observation markets. The only report analyzing opportunity for the Network Management/Utilization market, across sectors and regions, BDvS5 details next generation insights, keeping readers ahead of the Curve. 

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Companies and Organizations Mentioned in NSR’s BDvS5:

20Tree.ai, Aeris, Airbus, Atlantic Bridge, Amazon Web Services, Ball Aerospace, BlackSky, Bosch, Cisco, Civic Connect, CloudEO, Cloudera, Descartes Labs, e-Geos, Earth-I, Ecometrica, ESRI, exactEarth, ESA, Farmbot, GE, GHGSat, Globalstar, Google, Greenspin, HawkEye 360, Hedron, Honeywell, IBM, iDirect, Inmarsat, Insight Terra, Integrasys, Iridium, Kayrros, Kleos Space, LaserLight Communications, Maxar, MDA, Microsoft, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Omnitracs, OQ Technology, Orbcomm, Orbital Eye, Orbital Insight, Palantir, Planet, Radiant Solutions, Ramon.Space, Rezatec, RigNet, RSMetrics, Satellogic, SatSure, SAP, SkyBitz, Skyloom, SpaceKnow, SpaceLink, SpaceUnion, Spire, TellusLabs, Thuraya, Tomorrow.io, Toyota, Unseen Labs, UP42, Ursa Space, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Air Force Research Lab, VMWare, WarpSpace and Yxney Maritime

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