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Staying Ahead of the Curve – NSR Announces New Branding

Cambridge, MA – September 11, 2018 – NSR is proud to launch our newly redesigned website, www.NSR.com. With our clients in mind, we simplified navigation, streamlined menus and built a responsive layout for all platforms. The newly redesigned NSR website provides more information on the consulting services and multi-client reports NSR offers, directing current and future NSR Clients to the right offerings to fit their business needs.


“The NSR Brand is synonymous with forward thinking and industry leading trends.   Our new website, and branding, embraces NSR’s bold & vision setting analysis,” states NSR founder and President, Christopher Baugh. “Our consulting work and our multi-client reports utilize our transparent, bottom-up Quest Methodology which we’ve brought to light on our new site – along with an attention to our consulting focuses and thought provoking Bottom Line articles”


“With all of the exciting changes, new players and progressive visions coming to the Satellite & Space industry, it was time for a branding facelift that not only better embraced the NSR vision, but the exciting new pace surrounding the industry, notes consultant, Kristen Kloster-Grady. “Our new clean, focused, and image centric platforms embrace the NSR vision and all the work NSR produces. We encourage everyone to visit and explore the site, www.NSR.com.”


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About NSR

NSR is the leading global market research and consulting firm focused on the satellite and space sectors. NSR’s global team, unparalleled coverage and anticipation of trends with a higher degree of confidence and precision than the competition is the cornerstone of all NSR offerings.  First to market coverage and a transparent, dependable approach sets NSR apart as the key provider of critical insight to the satellite and space industries.  Contact us at info@nsr.com to discuss how we can assist your business.